Chamber of Commerce

The South West Rocks Chamber of Commerce is the bringing together of Businesses of South West Rocks and District to share ideas and for mutual support. The SWR Chamber of Commerce has a strong and diverse membership representing a wide spectrum of large and small businesses. The Chamber is run by a volunteer Board of Directors who provide and invite Agenda Items for discussion, organise speakers and provide minutes of meetings to all members.

The SWR Chamber’s goals

  • Establishing South West Rocks as a tourist destination
  • Promoting members’ businesses and services locally, regionally and nationally
  • Consolidating regional wealth and prosperity and ensuring sufficient resources and financial capacity for the town.

Helping the South West Rocks Community

The South West Rocks Chamber of Commerce is an incorporated community organization that works to promote businesses in the Village of South West Rocks & surrounds. South West Rocks Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with other community organisations, responds to issues which members see as having a direct effect upon the business and wider community.